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27Jan.2023 Observations of 2022 Vic Open

20Jan.2023 Self Awareness As Coach

13Jan.2023 Thumbs Up Bowlers

11Nov.2022 Elite Bowlers' Insights









































































































































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What's New: A Forward

Hello everyone.

This website is in its ninth (9) year. Come the end of 2023 and a decade of contributing to the sport through this website we, Terry (O’Neil)_ and I, shall close it down at the end of 12/2023.

So take advantage of the resources within.

Weekly columns will no longer occur, more an occasional column when I have some new insight to write and share.

The ink and the brain are nigh dried up.

A reason for keeping the website up for at least another year is the knowledge many bowlers use some content and some coaches and clubs too, as I have discovered in contacts with such bowlers.

To my delight here locally, BA & BV as our bowls associations, are referring clubs to contact me for coaching consultancy and to the website. So for fifteen months this anticipated new audience has the opportunity to explore my site as a resource.

Again via feedback from users the prime features sought by them from the site in order are:

You tube videos.
The bowls book.
The training sessions with diagrams.
Finally the numerous columns / articles.
On the book - Winning becomes you - to my utter delight we are

down to the last twenty (20) in stock after a production run of 3000 copies. So I reckon by year end, 2022, they will all have gone, thanks everyone.

One thing discovered in talking to clubs and schools is their lack of awareness of the menu - Games are Fun - targeted to PE teachers and schools.

That menu will be revisited to have a suitable foreword to better spell that message.

Now I can get off and do more of what I love - coaching. Thanks all!


Lachlan Tighe, Sept.16, 2022

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