Elbows Squad member and World Champion Judy Nardella.


July 2010 - 'Master Chef - Tactical ingredients to Success'

A Talking Tactically column where good technique without tactical skills spells disaster



Decision Making

An Elbows' training session on tactical decision making in singles and sets play.


Aug 2010 On Line Delivery

Head decisions to make


Oct 2010 On Line Delivery

Decisions for the skip to make



August 2013 -'Knowing all Options'
A Henselite column where practicing all options in a training head leads to competitive success.


April 2013 -'Singles Tactics'
A Henselite column where deliberate practice is key to mastering tactics in singles play.


December 2009 - 'Tactical Skill Decisions'

A practical head scenario for teams to work on options.


May 2009 - 'Tactical skills'

A Henselite column examining multiple options in practice head scenarios.

Decision Making 2012


Decision Options 2011


4Aug14 All Hail Alex the Great

A practice plan inspired by Marshall

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