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"Winning Becomes You"

All Sold Out


All lawn bowlers, like all sportspeople, seek to improve their

performance but find many stumbling blocks on the pathway to

excellence. The doyen of Australia’s bowls coaches, Lachlan Tighe,

does not promise easy answers, but within the commitment he

requires in the detailed methods of Winning Becomes You, he offers

absorbing enjoyment, improved technique, tactical skills, mental

strength, game planning and teamwork.


Coach Tighe’s methods not only set the course for improvement,

but he also sets the training exercises that will bring you results on

match day. Most of all, in the style that has won so many devotees

to his coaching, he brings the friendship, fun and camaraderie that

makes the game of bowls so captivating.


While working mostly in Australia Lachlan Tighe has coached World

Title, National Title and Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winners

from Malaysia, Canada, India and New Zealand. He is High Performance Manager for Bowls Australia, bowls consultant to Henselite Bowls, founder of the elite Elbows Squad and Coaching Director of the MCC Bowls Club, Melbourne.



"The thrill of winning at bowls is no different a sensation whether it is at club or international level. To you it is still a buzz. 

"Can this book help you secure that buzz sensation; I sincerely hope so, that’s why I wrote it. That’s why I coach.

"Each chapter of the 'Winning becomes you, in Lawn Bowls' book is exclusively diagram illustrated with a specific theme and accompanying story content.

"The idea is to allow you to self coach and all with a view for you to develop your skill as a bowler, or as a coach."


Lachlan Tighe




1 Warmup training routines 11
2 Fundamental deliveries and drills 19
3 The science of measuring and rating technical skills 28
4 Speaking tactically 49
5 Mental skills applied in practice 65
6 Game plasying makes sense 76
7 TEAM bowls 92
8 Coaching bowls session, templates 105




Books All Sold Out



    Bowlers many thanks.

   The 3,000 books "WINNING BECOMES YOU" printed and published have all been sold out of this week, 21/11/2022 and I do not intend to do a reprint.

    The website is adequate resource for bowlers and coaches as it includes columns, training programs and videos all for the benefit of us as bowlers.

     Coach Lachlan Tighe 22Nov.2022












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