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Mental Skill

The following is a collection of training programs specifically for developing a stronger mental mindset for the bowler.

Elbows' squad member, Malaysian Safuan Said, won two medals at the 2008 World Championsips in Christchurch, New Zealand capturing Gold in men's singles and bronze in pairs. He also won singles gold at the World Cup in Australia in 2008.

25Nov.2022 In The Zone Mindset

28Oct.2022 Pressure Requires Clarity 2


16Sept.2022 Mental Toughness

02Sept.2022 Composure Part 3

26Aug.2022 Composure Part 2

19Aug2022 Part 1 Composure

12Aug.2022 No Limits

11March2022 Mental Skills Coaching


05Nov.2021 Mindful Aphorisms, Thoughts

27July2020 Astronaut's Guide For Bowls

13July2020 Calm Down

25Jan.2019 Visualization

20Jan.2019 Simulation

18Jan.2019 Sensory Intelligence

28Dec.2018 Fours Mental Strategies

24Dec.2018 Mental Skill Benefits

26Aug.2018 Emotional Function

07Sept.2018 Mental Skills Competency


24Aug.2018 Control The Controllables

20Aug.2018 Concentration and Focus

17Aug.2018 Mental Skill Work In Training

13Aug.2018 Mental Skill Development

07May2018 Motivation Is Self-centered


04May2018 Mental Preparation

15Jan.2018Behavior Limiting Aspirations?

04Dec.2017 Pressure Duly Dealt


23Oct.2017 The Mental Skills

16Oct.2017Consistent Competitive Formula

09Oct.2017 Honest Self Appraisal

12June2017 Attitude

13March2017 Pressure Within Teams

06March2017 Handling Pressure in Singles

26Feb.2017 Goals Met Gain Wins

12Sept.2016 Dealing With Self Doubt

04Sept.2016 Bowlers' Self Belief

29Aug.2016 Motivating Malaysia

22Aug.2016 Bowls' Emotional Intelligence

21March2016 Dealing With Doubt In Bowls


15Feb.2016Pressure-Stress Or Challenge


08Feb.2016 Performing At Your Best


24Aug15 Striving For Bowls Success


13July15 Body Language Observations


06April15 Mental Skills Can Be Learnt


17Nov14Creative Thinking In Bowls


1Sep14 What is Mental Toughness


Arousal and Intensity

An Elbows' session about keeping a lid on it and when to go for it.


Sensory Skill

An Elbows' session on extending players to a heightened level of sensory awareness for competition.


Familiarity and Rehearsal

An Elbows' session on using head situations for training to confidently execute deliveries.





'Quiet' Extraordinary Achievers

Coach Tighe's take on those who use deliberate practice for exceptional achievement.


June 2010 - 'Leadership & Communication in Bowls Teams'

A Talking Tactically column exploring the needs and effectiveness of leadership, authority and communication.


Feb. 2010 On Line Delivery

Six-end line consistency drill


February 2014 - Keeping Cool

Coach Tighe delves into why all bowlers lose

confidence and how to recover.


May 2012 - 'One Percenters'
Coach Tighe details the damage done when taking your eye off the prize.


Success, A Culture 2007


Body Language Skill 2011


Why Champions Achieve 2011


Performance Slump 2011


Self Belief 2011


An Elbows' session focusing on the pre-delivery routine.


Form Slumps

An Elbows' session on coping with a lapse in form during an event. 



An Elbows' session on ,"What you see is what you get."


Where Your MInd Goes

A Henselite Consulting column on consistency, focus and grassline.



Where your mind goes, everything follows 
Canadian Squad session on how to manage your time and mind like the world's best sportsmen.


Thinking Hard(ly)

An Elbows' session on training to think tactically.


June 2010 On Line Delivery

Positivism beats pressure


July 2010 On Line Delivery

The summit pyramid


October 2011 - "Positivity'

A training session on self-belief and mental toughness with drills.


February 2011- 'Mental Toughness'

Coach Tighe delves into the aquisition of mental toughness.


Seeing is Believing


Where Your Mind Goes


Fours' Game Plan Graphics


Performance Influences

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