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.Chrissie Grimes, Jersey and Jacqueline Foster, Canada, both Elbows' Squad members are representing their respective countries at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.



June 2009 - 'Goals'

A Henselite column saying a goals plan is a must for every bowlers' success.


Annual Training Plan BCB 2012 

Calendar Monthly Plan

September 2010 - 'Plan'

A Talking Tactically column on what the world's best bowlers do: plan and train.


Game Sense Applications

An Elbows' session focusing on game plan and delivery skill which affect tactical decisions.


Game Plans and Analysis

An Elbows' outline centering on game plans, strategy and tactical factors.

Debrief Proforma

An Elbows' debrief form for personal performance.


Sept 2010 On Line Delivery

Drill Diagram minimizing short bowls 


February 2013 -'Training to Win'
A Henselite column revealing the power of the debrief.


April 2012 - 'Time Trust'
A Henselite column on trusting your skip in the face of many options and sticking to the game plan.


March 2012 - 'Bowling Better is a Mindset'
Coach Tighe shares lessons learned.


Championship Team Preparation 2011


Goals for BCB Coach 2012


Playing Lengths 2011


Playing Time

Attributes of an Elite Bowler


23Nov.15 Winners In Bowls


09Nov.15 Performance People Skills


09Nov.15 Performance Indicator Positivity


02Nov.15 Performance Indicator Motivation


02Nov.15 Performance Indicator Imagery


26Oct.15 Goals And Commitment


26Oct.15 Focus And Concentration


19Oct.15 Emotional Indicators


19Oct.15 Performance Brain Training


12Oct.15 Performance Indicator Attitude


12Oct.15 Performance Indicator Anxiety

Tools to Perform


30Dec.2022 Fixing Narrow Bowls

14May2021 pBus Self-Appraisal 2021


11Feb.2022 Club Plans, Goals


4Feb. 2022 Pennant Training Calendar

27Nov.2020 Judging Distance From Mat (6)

23Nov.2020 Judging Distance From Mat(5)

20Nov.2020 Judging Distance (Part 4)

16Nov.2020 Judging Distance (Part 3)

13Nov.2020 Judging Distance (Part 2)

09Nov.2020 Judging Distance From Mat

23Oct.2020 Old Habits Die Hard, Milner

02Oct.2020 Be The Best You​

23Sept.2020 Milner Skills Guide and Video


31Aug.2020 Tips On Bowls 3: Self Help

28Aug.2020 Tips On Bowls 2: Love The Challenge

24Aug.2020 Tips on Bowls 1: Compete to Play Great

21Aug.2020 Switched On Is Situation Awareness

17Aug2020 Dumb&Dumber: Experience, Skill

14Aug.2020 Copy Cat

10Aug.2020 Concentration: Skill For Bowlers

27March2020 Fundamentals Foundation

18Oct.2019 Elite Player Evaluation


18Mar.2019 Structure In Training

17Dec.2018 Tech, Fitness Skills For Fours

14Dec.2018 Communication Training Fours

16Nov.2018 Talent Identification


14Oct.2018 Pre-Delivery Routines

12Oct.2018 Pre-Delivery Routine: A Must

05Oct.2018 Focus: Skill To Learn, Develop

13April2018 Taking Responsibility

09April2018 Tools For Club Players

06April2018 Bowlers' Survey

02April2018 Rewarding Performance

19Jan.2018 Language Amazes

18Dec.2017 Skill Improvement Methods

11Dec.2017 Seven Skills For Success

27March2017 Game Plan Measures

20March2017 Performance Factors

05Dec.2016 Game Plan Measure

12Dec.2016 Final End Simulation

16May2016 Behaviour To Avoid

23May2016 Sample Goal Setting Plan

31Aug15 Decision Making Analysis

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


10Aug15 Club Pennant Bowls Planning

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


21July15 Bowls Tournament Debrief

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


30June15 Accountability Suggestions

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


29June15 Accountability Issues

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


02Mar15Making Backhand Better

An Elbows Squad Training Column


06Oct14 Calendar of Bowls Goals

Elbows Template for a Bowler



An Elbows' outline including game day plan,

pre-event plan and measurable objectives.



An Elbows' outline including competition strategy, pre-event strategy and qualitative objectives.



An Elbows' outline including common roles, lead and skip roles and responsibilities.



An Elbows' outline of objectives, strategy and expected percentages.



An Elbows' outline including player roles, attitudes and statistical expectations.



An Elbows' outline featuring objectives, strategy and performance expectations.



An Elbows' outline concentrating on specific roles and attitude.


Annual Training Plan 2012

A Bowls Canada squad coaching and training plan leading up to Worlds.


Pre-game Planning 2011

An Elbows' squad form outline with goals, strategy and debrief elements.


Goals Template

A Bowls Canada squad goals statement.


Goals Calendar Proforma

An Elbows squad detailed form for monthly goals.


April 2009 On Line Delivery

Pre Delivery Routine


Dec 2010 On Line Delivery

The caterpillar warm up program



February 2012 - 'Stop Watch Decision Making'
An efficient workshop on calling shots.







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