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Facts, Measures and Knowledge


29July2022 Self-appraisal As Coach


08July2022 Performance Debriefs2


03June2022 Competition Lessons


27May2022 Competition Statistics


20May2022 Teams Measuring Attitude


27Aug.2021 Alphabetic Guide To Success


08Oct.2021 Measuring The Skip


03Sept.2021 Climbing Ladder Of Success

25Sept.2020 Leadership

21Sept.2020 The Best Captain (Skip)

07Sept.2020 Selection Too Hot To Handle

04Sept.2020 Knowledge Improves Performance

01Nov.2019 Debrief: Performance Analysis

30Aug.2019 Myths Debunked, A Challenge


08Mar.2019 Measuring Triples Play

04Mar.2019 Measuring Singles Play

01Mar.2019 Measuring Pennant Play

25Feb2019 Measuring Pairs Play

22Feb.2019 Factors Affecting Performance

14Jan.2019 Why You Are Training

26Nov.2018 Who Is In Charge Anyway?

23Nov.2018 Time, Essence of Performance

09Nov.2018 Aspiring Bowler Questionaire

05NOv.2018 Skill Of Lead In Fours

02Nov.2018 Measuring Depth Perception

29Oct.2018 Bowlers' Investment Return

26Oct.2018 How The Hell

22Oct.2018 Communication Competency

19Oct.2018 Game Of Skill At Elite Level

19Nov.2018 Technical Skills Competency


12Nov.2018 Sensory / Situation Skill

08Oct.2018 Pennant Debrief History

11May2018 Bowlers' Self-appraisal 2018


30April2018 Players' Attributes


27April2018 Measuring Fours Performance

22April2018 Awareness Is Sensory

16April2018 Attitude, Equals 100%

05Mar.2018 Singles Performance Measure

02Mar.2018 International Level Measures

26Feb.2018 Measure Expectations

05Feb.2018 Player Intro To Elite Squad

29Jan.2018 Pennant Player Induction


08Jan.2018 Pennant Stats Tell Truth


01Jan.2018 Pennant Season Appraisal


25Dec.2017 Winning Is Planned


30Oct.2017 Debriefing Pennant Performance

27Nov.2017 Excellence For Bowls

20Nov.2017 Team Skill Competency

13Nov.2017 Leadership. Within Us

03Nov.2017 School Coaching Program

18Sept.2017 Selection Measurements


24July2017 Selection Of Players


10July2017 Selection Of Selectors

02July2017 Team Roles And Positions

05June2017 Coaches, Best That Sport Has

15May2017 Managing People On The Bus

08May2017 Leadership In Sport

03April2017 A Squillion Daily Victories

09Jan.2017 Player Motivations

24Oct.2016 Attitude Says It All

25April2016 Bowls Association Game Plan


18April2016 Investing In People


28March2016 Marching Into 2016


01Feb.2016 Good To Great Bowls


25Jan.16 Expertise & Expert Performance


18Jan.16 Deliberate Practice Is Success


23Oct.15 Updated Bowlers' Self-Appraisal


3Aug15 Extensive Debrief Review

An Elbows Website Coaching Column


16Feb15Measuring High Performance

An Elbows Squad Coaching Column


4Nov14Attributes of a Bowler

An Elbows Coaching Column, Coach Tighe


11Aug14 Club Team Selection

Coach Tighe sets the guidelines


2011 Appraisal of a Bowler

Initial meeting with coach


Self Appraisal 2011

An Elbows' reflection appraisal and assessment rating sheet.


Skill Rating 2011

An Elbows' training session full audit of skill shots at all lengths.




Club Coach Key Result Areas


Skill Rating  2013 Template


August 2012 - 'Lessons from Skill Rating'
Lessons learned to get the most out of the skill audit.


July 2012 - 'Skill Rating'
A skill audit of the full range of shots.


May 2011- 'Measuring Focus'
How to improve your worth in pennent play by measuring your performance.


Facts and Knowledge 2011

Bowls Canada Coaching


Self Appraisal by a Bowler

Elbows Column 2014


Player Performances in Fours 2013


Tactical Skills For an Edge

John Snell, Bowls Australia Hall of Famer, legend of bowls, International medallist, and Elbows' squad patron and member.

Chris O' Meagher, Samantha Robinson, Rowan Sharp and Coach Lachlan Tighe, all members of the Elbows Squad won the Geelong Classic Fours Tournament. 

January 2014 - Player self appraisal

An Elbows' appraisal rating form for players

bowling skills.


January 2013 -'Finally, Selectors' 

Coach Tighe's take on selectors for pennant play.


January 2012 - 'Hall of Fame Lessons'

Lessons learned from bowls' icons at the Bowls Australia Hall of Fame.


July 2009 - 'Elite Bowlers'

A Henselite column on personal attributes necessary for elite players.


Thought Process of the great Glyn Bosisto

A Talking Tactically column


Extraordinary Achievers 2012

Lachlan Tighe, BCB National Coach


Facts and Knowledge 2011

Coaching as Leadership 2013


Thought Process of the great Glyn Bosisto

A Talking Tactically column


Extraordinary Achievers 2012

Lachlan Tighe, BCB National Coach


Facts and Knowledge 2011


Coaching as Leadership 2013

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