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Training Sessions

Included here are various coaching and training programs with specific bowls situations for dealing with anything from pressure to maintaining consistency with your game.

The Coaching Columns which follow are self explanatory.



02Dec.2022 Form Slump Mid-Game


07Oct.2022 Soft Eyes For Great Weight

15July2022 Solitary Training


17June2022 Team Position Skills Training


12Nov.2021 Why You Train


01Oct.2021 Pairs Training AO

26March2021 BV Championship Training

19March2021 Warm-up Routines

12March2021 Caterpillar 2021 Explanation

09July2021 Weight Control Skills

03July2021 Consistent Draw Bowling

20March2020 Winning Ways

08Nov.2019 Training: Mat Knowledge

22Nov.2019 Training Session: Confidence

30Aug.2019 Myths Debunked, A Challenge

26Aug.2019 Arousal, Intensity

23Aug.2019 Alert Training

19Aug.2019 Skip Position Training

16Aug.2019 Compulsory Pennant Training 

22July2019 Decisions on Choice Of Weight

19July2019 Skip Use Of Second


15July2019 Training For Skip Position

28June2019 Second Position Training

21June2019 Skill Training For Seconds

29April2019 Lead Position Training

19April2019 Lead Training

15April2019 Front End Fours Training

12April2019 Deliberate Practice Routines

08April2019 Team Training

07Jan.2019 Segmentation

04Jan.2019 Relaxation Competition Skill

31Dec.2018 Positivity Self-talk Training

03Sept.2018 Intensity Skill Training

30Aug.2018 Imagery Skill Training

23Feb.2018 Elite Tactical Training

19Feb.2018 Intensity, Discipline For Leads

16Feb.2018 Intensity In Team Training

12Feb.2018 Premier Bowl Training

15Jan.2017 Team Position Skills, Roles

12Dec.2016 Final End Simulation

21Nov.2016 Game Sense Applications

13Nov.2016 Visualisation Training

07Nov.2016 Training For Familiarity

31Oct.2016 Sensory Touch Training

09May2016 Session 4, Solitary Training

06May2016 Session 3, Solitary Training


04May2016 Session 2, Solitary Training


02May2016 Session 1, Solitary Training

04Jan.16 Trained Habits In Bowls


11May15 Elite Bowlers Training Plan








12Jan15Masterclass Changing Hands


23Nov14Training Idea From Bocce


22Sep14 Pressure Training to Cope


25Aug14 Random Practice


18Aug14 Variable Length Drill



An Elbows' training session using practice heads to simulate coping with game pressure.


An Elbows' session designed to eliminate distractions by mastering skill shots.

An Elbows' session measuring performance while visualizing the perfect delivery.


Elbows' session where motivation not just wanting to win, but practicing winning habits.


An elbows' session centering on mental toughness and positive belief.


Winning Ways
An Elbows' session where driving is a winning option and success under pressure is a habit.


Composure to Draw
An Elbows' session designed for focus on the all-important pre-delivery routine.


An Elbows' session on building

confidence in all skill ratings.


An Elbows' session focusing on setting expectations based on training contributions.


Concentration & Focus
An Elbows' session on what not to do equally as what to do.

Decision Making
An Elbows' session using various head scenarios to explore options.


Mat Knowledge
An Elbows' session exploring where, when and how to use the mat for basic deliveries.


An Elbows' session on persisting with the plan despite difficulty in execution.

Pressure & Restrictions
An Elbows' session where pressure is identified to gain knowledge to apply from training to competition.

Singles Set Play
An Elbows' session on sets play with focus on specific goals.



April 2010 On Line Delivery

Drill for consistency


May 2010 On Line Delivery

Mastering the Yard On Shot


December 2013 - Skill Intensity Training

A Henselite column on gaining high level

training intensity quickly.


November 2013 - Singles Serve Game

A Henselite column on modified singles

games where success gains the advantage.










International lawn bowls coach Lachlan Tighe is shown in Hong Kong in the summer of 2013 working and training with prospective national team players. (Epoch Times)

Arousal and Intensity

An Elbows' session on knowing when to use arousal for the best gain.


Ditch Draw
An Elbows' session focusing on drawing to the ditch by weight and against obstacles.




An Elbows' session to establish line and target weight for consistency. Also Milner's Magic.





Bowls Deliveries

An Elbows' session focusing on proficiency in all the shots.


April 2010 -'Bowls - a formula for being competitive'

A Talking Tactically column targetting a formula for consistancy in training transferable to competitive play.


Nov.2010 On Line Delivery

Head Decision Options


Jan 2011 On Line Delivery

First bowl shot


October 2013 - Weight Control Delivery

A Henselite Column using the theory of elevation in weight control.


2010 - Head Scenario Practice
Coach Tighe expounds on deliberate practice as the key to exceptional achievement.





Push Bowls, Plug Holes
An Elbows' session on the merit of short bowls, pushing bowls and plugging holes.

Rituals & Routines
An Elbows' session on rituals and routines as tools to aid in focus and consistency.

Skill Rating 2011
An Elbows' session examining the full range of skill ratings.



An Elbows' session on awareness of opportunities.


Thinking Hard(ly)
An Elbows' session on defending, maintaining shots, widening the head and taking opportunities.

Expectations and Standards

An Elbows' session on examining whether we have the right expectations; are they realistic.


November 2012 -'Weight Control'
A Henselite column head scenario with multiple options for weight control and delivery discipline.


April 2011 - 'Weight'
Head scenarios to practice your weight control by feel, outcome and vision.


2012-2014 Extraordinary Achievers with Deliberate Practice


Training To Win 2013

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